Wedding Space and Equipment

The Sanctuary

Highland’s Sanctuary is a sacred space that evokes deep emotion, particularly for couples that are considering it for their wedding ceremony. The following list details the space and equipment provided in the Sanctuary and for use by the couple.

  • 28 pews, seating 8-10 people per pew, (240-300 people total)
  • Dressing rooms for the wedding party
  • Six inverted V-shaped candelabras – two brass and four black – holding seven 12-14″ candles each
  • Brass Unity Candle stand (candles not provided)
  • One set of communion trays, cups, and plates (juice and bread not provided)
  • Sanctuary sound system – a floor microphone, a pulpit microphone, and two lavaliere microphones for the minister(s)
  • Sanctuary pipe organ and piano (see music policies)

Reception Spaces

Highland holds in high regard the communal experience of celebration, and our spaces for receptions reflect this! Our Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary Commons are available for reception use. The following lists detail the space and equipment provided in these reception venues and for use by the couple.

Fellowship Hall Wedding 2  Fellowship Hall Wedding 1

Fellowship Hall (holds 100-200 people)

  • Kitchen and equipment
  • Approximately 170 settings of large glass dessert plates; 60 small glass dessert plates; various sets of punch bowls and cups; serving trays and candy dishes; and stainless steel knives, forks, and spoons.
  • Twenty-five round tables (60″) and 157 matching dark brown cushioned chairs (7 per table); three 8′ rectangular tables and two 6′ rectangular tables. (linens not provided)
  • Stage area and PA system.

Sanctuary Commons (holds 50-75 people, standing)

  • Black cushioned chairs
  • Tables
  • Only a small kitchen area with a sink is available for receptions in the Commons. Therefore, all receptions held in the Commons must be catered.