It takes lots of teamwork to orchestrate the functioning, the comings & goings, and the mechanics of a church. This is how we do it. Want to learn more about how YOU can be part of it? Email us at .

Deacons - Deacons are lay leaders within the church that work with the ministerial staff to oversee the mission and ministry of the church. These servants of the church are nominated and ordained by the congregation for the work of spiritual leadership and discernment. They assist the ministers in caring for our congregation and community, offer hospitality and a spirit of welcome for new members, and help to lead in various ways in worship.

Ministry Council - This group is composed of ministerial staff, deacon leadership, and elected members of the church. They work together to form strategic church plans, review church ministries and activities, oversee policies and the work of the church-at-large, run our Quarterly Church Conferences (business meetings), and guide other lay leadership nominating processes.

Ministry Groups - Ministry groups at Highland help to plan, vision, execute, budget, and lead ministry in a variety of ways among us. We encourage everyone at Highland to find a place to participate and serve within the life of the church, and ministry groups provide a great opportunity for this type of deeper engagement. Ministry groups include: Families with Children, Finance, Faithful Giving, Friday Church, Missions and Justice, New Members, Personnel, Property & Space, Senior Adults, Young Adults, Youth, Worship, and more!

Volunteers - Much of the congregation volunteers in one capacity or another at Highland. We would not exist if it weren’t for all of us pitching in together to make our ministry and mission function. So whether folks answer phones in the office, teach Bible study, hold babies in the nursery, fix dinner on Wednesdays, or hand out bulletins on Sunday morning, there's bound to be a way for you to plug into the life of the church and add your skills and energy to the functioning of the church.