Bible Study Classes

At Highland, we believe learning together is an important part of Christian growth. That is why we set aside an hour every Sunday for the entire church to grow through Bible study.

Why Join A Bible Study Class? Bible Study is a great "next step" to engage at Highland, where you can:
• Form community with a smaller group of people within the church
• Ask questions, dig deeper, and explore different perspectives of Scripture
• Journey alongside one another as the family of God in this place

When Is Bible Study? Classes typically meet from 10:00-11:00 on Sunday mornings.

Children's Bible Study

Our children’s Bible study classes are spaces of joy, delight, and God’s love embodied. Each week, faithful teachers share the stories of our faith and create space for engaging those stories through play, art, curiosity, movement and asking big questions. Classes are available for infants through 5th grade.

Our current age-based children’s classes are:
• Infants and Toddlers
• Twos
• Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten
• Kindergarten-1st grade
• 2nd-3rd grades
• 4th-5th grades

Youth Bible Study

Our Youth Bible Study classes are inclusive, safe, and affirming spaces where youth (Grades 6th-12th) can learn more about God and ask big questions of their faith. Through games, discussions, activities, and sometimes food, our amazing teachers provide a safe space for our youth to gather and grow in their faith.

Two classes are available: 
• Middle school youth (6th-8th grade)
• High school youth (9th-12th grade)

Adult Bible Study Classes

It's impossible to capture the flavor of a class in a single paragraph, but perhaps this information will help you to find a place to begin exploring. That's exactly what we hope you will do: explore. Learning about God is an exciting journey. Our goal at Highland is to be co-learners with you as we all journey together. Look around, find a class that fits where you are right now in your journey, and jump on board. Become part of this thinking, feeling, healing community of faith.

The Challengers
Alive with curiosity, The Challengers appreciate contextual biblical study. With the combined expertise of their teacher and each class member, they wonder together how the history of God’s people informs our faith. Led by Steve Brown, Fellowship Hall, Ages: 40’s+

Among our newer adult Bible Study classes, the Forty-Somethings class is designed for those new to the church or with deep roots. Led by Mary Ida and Larry Gray, Room 103, Ages: 40’s

This class gathers each Sunday to continue growing toward spiritual maturity while offering continued care for one another. Scriptural reflection and discussion includes applications for everyday life. Led by Chip Miller, Fellowship Hall, Ages: 50's+

Good-Time Gospel Hour
This is a group of people who relate to their faith through pop culture, millennial perspectives, and LOTS of good questions. This class is geared toward thinking critically and creatively about the Bible and its stories with time set aside for fun and community. Led by Erin Phelps, Fireside Room, Ages: 20's-40's

Gathered together on a search or more profound biblical insights, The Messengers expand upon the lectionary text they hear in worship and wonder how faith might still be new. This group values shared fellowship outside of the class setting. Led by Jim England, Fellowship Hall, Ages: 40's+

Diverse in age and life experience, The Nomads nurture a strong sense of belonging through studying scripture, sharing laughter, and shedding tears. With trust as a core value, the teachers create safe space for asking questions, exploring spirituality, and healing souls. Led by Robert Davis and Doris Hornbuckle, Fellowship Hall, Ages: 30's+

Sharing “God-moments” and telling stories allows The Prodigals to nurture a sense of spiritual communion. This class reflects on the morning’s lectionary text. The teachers bring intentionality, curiosity, and tenderness to the class that allows members to breathe new life into ancient texts. Led by Bob Cunningham and Walter McWhorter, Fellowship Hall Stage, Ages: 40's-70's

SALT Class
Most SALT class members are straddling two worlds: While many still have children at home, they also face challenges associated with caring for aging parents. Discussions allow plenty of space to support members where they find themselves at any moment. Fellowship Hall, Ages: 40's-60's

The Seekers thrive with a diversity of teaching styles. Knit together through biblical study, the Seekers offer a welcoming environment while caring for one another through life’s twists and turns. Led by Tracy Holladay, Patty Martin Nichols and Denee Walsh, Fellowship Hall, Ages: 50's-70's

This class searches for a deeper understanding of progressive faith through biblical study, theological reflection, and discussion of current events with friends. As parents of school-age children, the Transformers are a source of support for one another. Led by Nathan Marrs, Fellowship Hall, Ages: 30's-40's

Young Adult Bible Study
This class of 20-somethings is a community for college and graduate students and young professionals who seek to live an authentic faith. They wonder about the teachings of Jesus in relationship to our contemporary world. Led by Lauren Jones Mayfield and Tyler Mayfield, Room 122, Ages: 20's

Zoom Bible Study
In addition to studying the Bible, this group shares prayer concerns and "God moments" together. They meet from 9:30-10:30 on Sunday mornings to provide flexibility for those who want to be in-person for church. To join, email Led by Ginger Miller, on ZOOM, 30's+