Mission and Justice Ministry Group

The further we travel into the breadth and depth of living as Jesus followers we encounter pilgrims from other faiths who share similar, complimentary core values that enrich the human soul and reverence creation. We celebrate the connections that our faith shares with the religions of the world.

This affirmation of other faiths neither negates nor trivializes our faith journey in following Jesus. To the contrary, we recognize in them themes that are familiar and central to Christians, like hope, harmony, humility, gratitude, servanthood, reverence, peace, and neighborliness. As Jesus followers, we find comfort and courage in meeting other travelers on the sacred Way. “I have sheep that you don’t know about,” said Jesus. Plus, we love the hymn that sings, “There’s a wideness in God’s mercy, like the wideness of the sea.”

In short, we follow Jesus and welcome all whose lives and values are pointed in the same harmonizing, inclusive, transforming, sacred direction. We also seek to study and learn alongside our neighbors of different faiths, understanding that we are one human family.

Thus, we value our friendships and partnerships with other places of faith, as well as interfaith collaborations here in Louisville and beyond.

To learn more about our Mission and Justice Ministry Group and our interfaith partnerships, please contact Elizabeth Gribbins.