Wedding Fees

Required Fees for Weddings at Highland Baptist Church

Damage Deposit: $200 (due upon making reservation)
Wedding Fee: $900
Wedding Coordinator Fee: $200 (paid directly to coordinator)
Custodial Fee: $100 (paid directly to custodian)

Additional/Optional Fees

Fellowship Hall Reception: $475
Sanctuary Commons Reception: $250
Wedding Coordinator Reception Fee: $200 (paid directly to coordinator)
Wedding Coordinator Extra Time: $34/ hour (paid directly to coordinator)
Custodial Reception Fee: $100 (paid directly to custodian)
Custodial Extra Time: $50/hour (paid directly to custodian)
Audio Technician Wedding Fee: $75
Audio Technician Reception Fee: $100
Musician fees arranged by you
Minister fees arranged by you

The damage deposit is due upon making the reservation. All other fees are due at least one month before the wedding.


About the Damage Deposit

It is recommended that an authorized person from your wedding party walk through the church property with the wedding coordinator before leaving the church for the final time in order to ascertain if any damage has occurred. If this action is not completed and damage is found after your party leaves the premises, Highland Baptist Church reserves the right to determine the extent of damage without your consultation and to take whatever course of action it finds proper in order to correct the damage. Highland Baptist Church also reserves the right to keep your deposit if one or more of this church’s wedding policies has been disregarded or abused. For example, if alcohol is found on the premises, your deposit will not be refunded. Similarly, if we do not have the following items at least one month before your wedding, your deposit will not be refunded: list of music to be played, record of pre-marital counseling, and record of your officiant’s status as a Christian minister, as well as all final payments.