A Note from the Faithful Giving Ministry Group

by Highland Baptist Church on September 01, 2023

The intersection of your faith life, our communal faith life as Highland Baptist Church, and how you practice generosity with your resources because of that intersection is a story worth sharing! When we share our stories, not only are we re-connected to our own reason for giving, but our story can be a powerful reminder to others of their own reasons for giving. Your story might help someone to make the important connection regarding the intersection between their faith life and their practice of generosity, inspiring them to consider how they use their own financial resources to commit to the mission and ministry of Highland.

Do you have a story, either about how you've been affected by generosity within a faith community or about your reasons for providing financial support for the mission and ministry of Highland Baptist Church? The Faithful Giving Ministry Group would love to hear it!  Please complete the Generosity/Giving Stories Google Form.  (No story will be shared outside the Ministry Group without your permission.)

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