Friday Church

Friday Night Service SingingFor those who seek a no-frills, no-bull, honest-to-God time of faith, hope and love, Friday Church – our first service of the weekend – may fit the bill. Each Friday at 7:00 p.m., 25-100 people come together to think and pray. We come as we are – from work, school, homeless shelters, halfway houses, the streets, wherever – to take time apart to bring to God our deepest needs and hopes. We dress as we are. And we try to remove any masks of pretension or prejudice that keep us isolated from ourselves, each other, or God.

Music lifts us to move, think, and express. Our Friday Band begins with a song, Trading My Sorrows, that invites us to move toward God, to say Yes, and to leave pain and shame behind. It has become a kind of theme song for Friday Church.

Services vary. We share communion on the first Friday of the month. We celebrate birthdays once a month for folk who often don’t have family to mark the importance of their birth. We celebrate sobriety. A poet may rap an original piece. Or someone may share their story of recovery and God’s deliverance.

Over the fifteen years of Friday Church, we’ve seen miracles, healing, redemption. People have had their lives turned around. Drug dealers have been baptized and entered into ministry. Prostitutes have come in from the street. Middle-class people have found their fears transformed and a new crop of friends develop.


Friday Service Prayer


For more information about Friday Church Worship, please contact Fred Bogert.