Vision 20/20

Vision 20/20 Report Passes; Next Steps Noted

The Vision 20/20 team is pleased to share that the church overwhelmingly approved the new Mission, Vision, and Core Values statements in a ballot vote on Sunday, June 4! The vote to approve was over 99% of the ballots cast, which we hope affirms the open and ground-up approach we tried to follow. Thank you for your support during this journey!

Now that this phase of the work is complete, here are the next steps that we’ll be working on over the coming months:

  • Working with staff, deacons, Ministry Council, and ministry groups on how to “implant” this work into our church’s DNA
  • Making the statements visible, including posting them in the building and deciding how to incorporate them into our publications
  • Holding community discussion sessions to work through some of the “tensions” that were noted in our work and in our reports
  • Begin planning for the strategic and tactical planning phase, known as PATH: Planning Ahead Together for Highland (Yes, there’s another big piece of work to do!).

If you are interested in helping with any of these next steps, please contact Nina Maples to volunteer. We’d love to have you join us!