Proposed Ministry Group and Church Policy and Procedure Manuals

Ministry Group Manual Announcement

Click here to view the proposed new version of the Ministry Group Manual. It reflection some organizational and structural changes that have been discussed in Ministry Council and at recent church Quarterly Church Conferences. The goals of these proposed changes are to: 1) bring our Ministry Group Manual inline with actual practice; 2) make Ministry Group and Ministry Council membership, participation, and duties more transparent and democratic; and 3) develop a structure that facilitates lay leaders working together more to support our Mission, Vision, and Values.


Policy and Procedure Announcement

Click here to view the proposed Policy and Procedure Manual. It was generated with input from various groups. The Bylaws require an adopted Policy and Procedure Manual, but Highland does not have one. The content in this Manual should not be things that fundamentally change our identity or way of doing business. It should clarify and codify some of the processes necessary to becoming a healthier organism in prep for strategic planning and transition. 

Throughout February and March, the Ministry Council will review all comments made and discern any recommended changes. The Ministry Council will also gauge the pulse of the feedback and the Congregation to determine if any Congregational Conversations are needed around issues in either of these documents. The Ministry Council assess feedback, balance against systemic needs, and will then compile final recommended drafts and share with the church. The current goal is to vote on these documents at the next Quarterly Church Conference on April 18, 2018. The timelines above may be adjusted if necessary.