Highland’s Sanctuary Organ

The pipe organ in Highland Baptist Church was procured under the leadership of Pastor Don Burke (now pastor emeritus) and constructed in 1979 by the Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, Ohio. The organ is comprised of three divisions: Great, Swell and Pedal, and consists of 24 different ranks or “sets” of pipes, each set speaking a different tone or pitch range. A rank normally consists of 61 pipes, one for each note of the keyboard. The organ contains a total of approximately 1450 metal and wooden pipes, ranging in size from that of a pencil to over 16 feet long.

The pipes of the Great division are exposed in the center of the chancel directly behind the choir. The expressive Swell division is located behind and to the right of the Great and its pipes are “double-stacked” on two windchests due to limited space. The blower plant and other electrical components are in the tower above and behind the Swell division. The organ’s placement allows it to speak very well into the room, and the wonderful new acoustics of the recent remodeling have really made the organ tone “come alive” to amply lead lively congregational singing.

The organ is controlled by a two manual and pedal “rocker tab” style console. The wind chests are electro-pneumatic, meaning each pipe is actuated by a pneumatic valve which is controlled by an electromagnet. The pressurized air is supplied by a five horsepower blower and a system of airtight ducts, regulators and reservoirs. The organ contains two non-pipe percussions: a 21 note set of tubular chimes and a Zimbelstern or set of small un-pitched bells.

The organ is valued at over 350,000 dollars.




1979 SCHANTZ  24 ranks, 2 manuals

Great Organ

8’      Principal

8’      Gedeckt

4’      Octave

2’      Blockflöte

II       Sesquialtera (TC) (with Tierce “Off” button)

IV      Mixture

8’      Trompete, Tremulant, Chimes

16’    Great to Great, Great Unison Off

4’      Great to Great

16’    Swell to Great

8’      Swell to Great

4’      Swell to Great


Swell Organ

8’      Rohrflöte

8’      Gemshorn

8’      Gemshorn Celeste

4’      Spitz Principal

4’      Koppelflöte

2’      Principal

1 1/3’  Larigot

III      Scharf

16’     Dulzian

8’      Hautbois, Tremulant

16’    Swell to Swell, Swell Unison Off

4’      Swell to Swell


Pedal Organ

16’      Principal

16’    Bourdon

8’      Octave

8’      Bourdon

4’      Super Octave

32’    Grand Cornet

32’    Contre Posaune

16’    Contre Trompete

8’      Great to Pedal

4’      Great to Pedal

8’      Swell to Pedal

4’      Swell to Pedal


Thumb Pistons

Great         4

Swell         4

General    4

General Cancel


Toe Pistons

Pedal         4

General    4

Great to Pedal

Full Organ