Music has been an integral part of the Christian Church since its origin. The Church has been a center for great musical experiences throughout the ages, bringing people into the Body of Christ and sending them forth into community. Music reaches the soul and connects with the Spirit in a unique and powerful way. The music program at Highland Baptist Church is dedicated to continuing this tradition through sharing our musical gifts and heritage and singing God’s praise to all people.

We believe that God can be glorified through a rich setting of choral and instrumental music as it expresses and interprets faith. Such music raises our collective and corporate vision and elicits our best. It is the responsibility of the music leadership to foster knowledge and appreciation of appropriate music as it pertains to worship, the church, and the community.

Many styles of music are acceptable to God, and indeed the variety of what is offered in our church is basis for great joy. The Music Ministry of Highland Baptist Church seeks to provide a place where every person is encouraged to use their God-given musical talents to the glory of God and to the betterment of the community by becoming a more effective communicator of the gospel message through music.

For more information about Highland’s music ministries, contact Kathy Collier.

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