Highland Baptist Church Pastor Search E-Survey Fall 2018

Part 1: Demographic Information

305 Responses

Part 2: About our Church


“Where could our church use the most improvement?”

183 Responses

Healthy Community (67)

  • Inclusive to all
  • More continuity and fellowship between all four of the services each weekend.
  • Outreach
  • Continue to do what we do
  • There needs to be as many ways as possible to connect into the community besides worship services, Bible study classes, and Wednesday night.  
  • Work to make Friday night church and Sunday morning church connected through relationships.

Worship (21)

  • Pull back on three Sunday services- it strains staff
  • More variation with the music and worship service
  • More contemporary elements in worship

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (19)

  • More racial diversity
  • We could be clearer on our views and be more of a leader with our association with the CBF
  • My conservatism is not accepted

Lay Leadership (17)

  • More people getting invested, volunteering and taking ownership of ministries
  • Including a broader cross-section of individuals in leadership positions
  • Mission involvement by more people and personal / family stewardship
  • Involve more members in the operation of the church

Social Justice (16)

  • Balancing social justice and worship.
  • We do a good bit of activism and social justice but I can’t help but feel we could push it further.
  • I appreciate our social justice work, but would like to feel we weren’t trying to take up every cause
  • Keep being a prophetic voice in the community.  
  • While I want to support much of what CBF does, I’m not OK with their hypocrisy in their hiring policy as it relates to LGBTQ equality.

Intergenerational Connections (15)

  • Continue creative means to intermingle all our age groups and interests
  • Cross generational engagement
  • Reduce generational silos and continue to encourage/grow engagement within the community
  • Intergenerational involvement. I feel like we are very social justice minded as a church yet we are very segregated when it comes to our congregational interactions.

Facilities (14)

  • Availability of parking
  • Elevator
  • No room to grow
  • New ways to use space in daily ministry alongside the community
  • Financial giving to support aging building infrastructure

Other (14)

  • Processes like these could be faster
  • Pastoral care coverage and coordination
  • Fiscal responsibility

Part 3:  About our Future Pastor

“Is there anything else you think we should know?”

110 Total responses

  • Identity reflects Baptist heritage with challenges
  • Intergenerational congregation valued, but brings challenges
  • Diversity is a strength and a challenge to manage (boundaries)
  • Worship is very significant
  • Healthy community is an asset and an ongoing challenge
  • Lay leadership valued by the congregation
  • We appreciate our church staff members