Friday Church

 You won’t find many churches with a community like Friday Church!

Started in conjunction with a Narcotics Anonymous meeting happening in Highland’s Fellowship Hall, Friday Church began as a small gathering of people seeking to worship and be community together without pretension. People came as they were – often struggling with addictions, some from halfway houses, some from no houses at all. Gathered in a small upper room in Highland’s building, God transformed this community into what it is today.

No longer just a worship service, Friday Church is a full-blown community.

With ministries stretching beyond worship to recovery work, life skills, and pastoral care, the Friday Church Ministry Group shepherds this group of  people week in and week out.

People are finding faith. God is moving.

Come and be a part! Read on at the links to the right for more information about the ministries of Friday Church.

For more information about Friday Church Ministries, please contact Fred Bogert.

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