Churchwide Gatherings

One of our high values as a congregation is getting together regularly for fellowship, dialogue, and attending to the business of the church. Outside of the bi-weekly rhythms of our worship, Bible Study, Wednesday night fellowship, and times of mission work, these churchwide gatherings are scattered throughout the year and intended to draw us together from our various ages, interests, and locations within the life of the church. Several of our ministry groups and meal teams work together to make these churchwide gatherings come to life.


Several times a year, the Church Fun & Fellowship Ministry Group provides opportunity for us to gather for… you guessed it… fun and fellowship! Annual favorite activities include the summer picnic in Cherokee Park and the Christmas Banquet in our Fellowship Hall.  Highland has also fellowshipped together at Louisville Bats games, movie nights, chili cook-offs, and picnics in neighboring parks. One of the highlights of our year has become the youth-sponsored HBC Got Skillz, an annual churchwide talent show that showcases the best and the brightest – and most hilarious – of our members’ unique gifts.

Dialogue & Discernment

For the last several years, Highland has gathered on an occasional basis for Congregational Conversations. Occurring most often over lunch on Sundays at noon, Congregational Conversations give space for dialogue and presentations about initiatives in the life of our church. We’ve discussed everything from building plans to new ministries, our Baptist identity and calling in the Louisville community. Certain seasons of our church’s history need more times for conversation, and other times less so. We’re a church that likes to talk things out and process together! Through the Congregational Conversations, our community of faith is able to discern God’s calling for our church by bringing together our diverse and eclectic perspectives for dialogue.


Attending to the business of the church is a quarterly rhythm for Highland. Four times a year, we gather for our Quarterly Church Conferences, the time and space for Highland’s members to vote on a variety of topics – from membership to ministry groups, people serving in leadership to changes in our bylaws. Called business meetings can occur as needed.

Some recent topics we have discussed at length are about the LGBTQ community, baptism and membership, and our 2013 capital campaign and renovations. Click each of these topics to be taken to a page with information on each.