Connecting Your Life with Highland

2013 Member Collage 1Membership

We humans are a communal bunch. Created to share life—the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly, and everything in-between—we depend a lot on the support and vision that comes from our church family. So we take membership seriously.

Most importantly, anyone can join! God’s love is for all people, and so we seek to welcome all neighbors with full integration into service, leadership, and the communal life. Different beliefs, religious backgrounds, or identity markers are not a problem. It’s more fun this way, and also challenging, nurturing, and vibrant.

Membership here at Highland is a three-way street between individual, community, and God. We recognize that “church” is not a concept or an ideal but a tangible group of sundry people sharing their gifts, questions, passions, ideas, and time.

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The new member commits to the active life of the church by volunteering in an area of ministry, sharing financial resources if possible, and participating in our work of worship, love, and justice. The more “seasoned” members commit to receive newbies with warmth and compassion.

Our work is centered around the teachings of Jesus. The Biblical metaphor for church family is “the body of Christ.” Just like the human body has different organs, limbs, and systems to create and nurture life, our spiritual identity and social engagement lives in our common togetherness when each person offers their unique contributions.

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We also welcome individuals as affiliates. Essentially this means that if you are not ready to take steps toward membership, but you want to participate in church business, you can identify in this way.