Ministry Groups

Ministry Groups at Highland Baptist Church are the primary way that ministry is planned, visioned, executed, budgeted, and provided here at Highland!  Members at Highland are encouraged to find a place of ministry within the church, and a great place to find your calling to the Work of Love is through a ministry group.  If you are interested in serving on a ministry group and have a particular passion or calling for a group, talk with one of the ministry staff members to connect and get involved!

Ministry Groups are composed of a Chair, a Chair-Elect, and a minimum of three other voting members.  Any person attending Highland may serve on a ministry group, but only members are allowed to vote on items of business generated by the ministry group.  The term for ministry group membership is three years. The Committee on Ministry Groups is responsible for nominating all members of the ministry groups and is expected to include as many members as possible to serve these groups.  They are also tasked with including as much diversity as possible in their selection of ministry group members.

Currently, we have 24 ministry groups that do the work of the church and two resource groups. Resource groups are not required to meet on a monthly basis, report minutes, or maintain the minimum membership for a ministry group. They serve as a resource and support for the church and the staff.

If you are interested in learning more about a particular ministry group or resource group, click on their name below for the job description. Contact Nina Maples to help you find your place to serve.

Ministry Groups of the Missions Team

Ministry Groups of the Outreach Team

Ministry Groups of the Spiritual Formation Team

Ministry Groups of the Community Team

Ministry Groups of the Support Team

Resource Groups

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