About Us

Highland’s Mission Statement

Our mission

 is to be so changed by God’s transforming love revealed in Jesus Christ

that we are an intriguing, inviting, and inclusive community of faith,

filled with generous hearts and passion for God’s justice.


Who We Are

We like to ask big questions here at Highland, not so much to get answers, but more because we are curious about where the conversation will lead us. So our motto, “thinking, feeling, healing,” sums us up well.

You will find folks from all walks of life contributing to this church family: retired grandparents, hard-working twenty-year-olds, parents, tons of kids, LGBTQ friends of every age, and people with a variety of gifts, abilities, insights, and opinions.

Our progressive theology is hard to miss, but hopefully, you will also notice how we value the healthy tension that comes from recognizing our differences. We celebrate intentional and generous dialogue whenever new questions arise. (Hint—They are always arising.) And we hope you will see how our call to love inspires our commitments to justice.






Highland’s Logo

The LOGO of Highland Baptist Church…

Like the Highland Baptist community of faith, the images in our logo are diverse and interconnected: leaves, flowers, a butterfly, squares, directional pointers, even colors of the church year — individually ripe with meaning while uniting to reveal the Cross of Jesus at our center. Interwoven through all of the images is the thread of growth, depicting our desire to be a community grounded and growing in God’s transforming love. The logo reflects a design found throughout our Sanctuary and particularly on the doors … doors open to all.