About Us

Highland’s Mission Statement

The MISSION of Highland Baptist Church…

is to be so changed by God’s transforming love revealed in Jesus Christ

that we are an intriguing, inviting, and inclusive community of faith,

filled with generous hearts and passion for God’s justice.


Who We Are

Highland Baptist Church in Louisville is a voice of Christian faith guided by God’s constant love for this world as described and embodied in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We are a thinking, feeling, healing community of faith.

God is the big, beautiful, living energy of sacred love and creativity that actively awakens all things through the Spirit among us and within us.

We know and celebrate God as understood in the Bible, but humbly recognize that God is bigger and deeper than any single expression. Having found faith and life in God as revealed by Jesus, we specifically follow Jesus’ call to participate in God’s work of Love. This love is personally transforming, healing our brokenness (sin) and changing our hearts.  God’s love is also socially transforming, leading the church to be in mission as God’s light of love and reconciliation to all who live in conflict.

The Bible shapes how we see God, ourselves, and the world. It reveals the Sacred direction of the God who is always with us no matter our failings, desiring the best for us, seeking justice in a world of injustice, working to reconcile us to God and each other, and seeking to bring life from death. As a church we have varied views on how the Bible should be read and applied in every detail, but that’s okay because this is not the Bible’s purpose. We believe that God includes all in the community of faith regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, or education. Thus Highland is made up of rich and poor, gay and straight, Red and Blue, black and white, young and old, Ph.D. and GED.

We’re serious about Jesus’ prayer “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” We believe that God is not done. We focus more on looking for where God is at work in the world and joining in, and focus less on judging those who don’t fit our mold. We believe in heaven and salvation, but emphasize how they affect our lives now, rather than focus on a payoff when we die.

We’re also serious about the “hallowed be your name” line in Jesus’ prayer. We gather for “church” on Fridays and Sundays using rituals, songs, prayers, readings, dramas, silence, and reflection to connect with God as a community of faith in gratitude and humility. In worship we listen for God’s direction to be more loving, sacrificial, peaceful, whole, and careful (the whole “lead us not into temptation” thing). Being a Christian isn’t easy….

… Nor is being Baptist these days. In this “post-denominational” age, saying we’re Baptist can be a turn-off. Mainly we are church: God’s diverse people gathered together. We sometimes say we’re “Baptists but”… Baptists, but not that kind of Baptist. We try to resist defining ourselves by others, however, and stick to what’s important about the 400 year-old Baptist slant on faith: that one’s personal call to follow Jesus is marked by the ritual of baptism as a believer; that faith should not be coerced by government; that the church gathered can hear God’s Spirit guiding it and is free to relate to other kindred spirits of faith. (Read more about Highland’s affiliations.)

Finally, we think all people need God. As our Source and Heart, God enables us humans to be who we cannot be outside of God. We invite people who are not connected to God to consider that there is More to life than they might realize. We are passionate about inviting people into God’s great work of Love!


Highland’s Logo

The LOGO of Highland Baptist Church…

Like the Highland Baptist community of faith, the images in our logo are diverse and interconnected: leaves, flowers, a butterfly, squares, directional pointers, even colors of the church year — individually ripe with meaning while uniting to reveal the Cross of Jesus at our center. Interwoven through all of the images is the thread of growth, depicting our desire to be a community grounded and growing in God’s transforming love. The logo reflects a design found throughout our Sanctuary and particularly on the doors … doors open to all.