2022 Deacon Nomination Form

Each year, our church nominates members to serve as Deacons. This year’s nominations are due by Sunday, May 1. At Highland, deacons are not an “administrative board,” but rather servant leaders who invest themselves in the life of the church and care deeply for our community of faith. They need not be perfect, but they serve as spiritual leaders who strive to be faithful in the worship that is their very lives. Here are some core qualifications and requirements:

* Offer pastoral care to the Highland community through visits, personal check-ins, prayer, and intentional support
* Actively participate in the life of Highland through worship, Bible study, and personal spiritual formation
* Engage together in spiritual discernment about matters important to the life of the church
* Financially support the mission of the church through giving to the ministry budget
* Assist in worship leadership by receiving offering, serving communion, and being present for prayer
* Regularly attend monthly deacons’ meeting (traditionally on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.)

Time Commitment: 10-12 hours per month (includes worship)

Deacons serve three-year terms. They must be a member of Highland Baptist Church for one year.

We invite you to think through those people you know who would serve well in this role! The deacon body is a blend of new and long-time Highland Baptist Church members, young and seasoned and diverse. You can nominate up to 9 persons who you believe would be good additions to Highland’s servant leaders.

Please submit this form or send your nominations to the church office by email (kathleen@hbclouisville.org) or by phone call (502-451-3735) by Sunday, May 1.

The following people are ineligible for nomination at this time, as they are already serving as a Deacon or a Ministry Council Member.

Deacons Rotating Off in 2022:
Justin Boldt
Diane Brewer
Bill Campbell
Phillip Garrett
David Hartley
Becky Hines
Scott Kerr
Patty Martin Nichols
Autumn Reece
Alison Schureck
Missy Smith

Deacons Rotating Off in 2023:
Randy Biery
Troy Burden
Rob Burke
Vi Chatmon
Christy Chestnut
Deborah Keeling
Ginger Miller
Bill Ockerman
Erin Phelps
Alan Spade

Deacons Rotating Off in 2024:
Kim Clark-Endicott
Libby Cunningham
Kim Fritschi
Walter Hargove
Robert Kahne
Kathey Golightly Sanders
Tyler Swim
Alison Todd
Marilyn Whisler

Honor Deacons:
Keith Eiken
Reece Little
Pat Ramsey

Ministry Council:
Jennifer Baker
David Bannister
Lauren Blackwell
Molly Braun
Debbie Lemmon
Emmanuel Maize
Beth Metcalf
Katie Williams

Deacon Nomination