Why I Give by Vi Chatmon

Growing up, I went to a small fundamental Baptist church. The preacher preached “what God laid on his heart” for that Sunday. The music director picked hymns that were requested by members, or just because they were favorites, or maybe because they hadn’t been sung in a while. The choir sang the “special” based on what we had rehearsed the previous Wednesday night. I don’t think there was ever any communication, let alone planning, between the preacher and the music director; they both did their own thing, and a church service was had. There was never a memorable service at that church from that period of my life.

When I began worship at Highland, I was astonished by the way the scriptures, prayers, hymns, anthems, sermons, and all other aspects of the service were blended into a meaningful, coherent “liturgy”, that as a whole, spoke a unified message. It is so clear that ministers join together in deliberate planning for every service to deliver a specific message. While many of us may take away lots of different perspectives, the message is indeed consistent and therefore, powerful.

I am grateful for our ministers involved in planning and for the artists who have written beautiful works of music and poetry. The salaries, the sheet music, the licenses to print, the bulletins–these all require our pledges of money to pay for and to purchase. This is one of the many reasons I give to Highland. I hope you will, too.