Why I Give by Cheryl Priddy

Isolation, disconnected, quarantined, distanced, alone… these words are commonly used today to describe what we’ve experienced due to COVID-19. They also describe what those marginalized by society have experienced for centuries. Society continues to marginalize groups of people, due to difference, yet God continues to create a diverse population. God’s love extends to all of God’s diverse creations! God loves all people as they are, as they were created to be.

Changing society’s mindset of exclusivity, teaching God’s unconditional love, promoting and exemplifying inclusivity, equality and fairness, eliminating isolation and disconnectedness due to difference, creating a society that embraces diversity, togetherness and closeness, following Jesus and leading others to do so… this is the work of love.

Carol Harston wrote in her Saturday morning reflection, “we’ve got holy work to do, and we dare not do it alone.” It’s up to us, collectively! Together, Highland, we can accomplish much more than we could ever do individually! Please prayerfully consider making a financial pledge to Highland for 2021 so that our part of the work of love can continue!