Why I Give by Steven Michael Carr

In this time when many of us are not inside the walls of the church, I often wonder what it is my offering goes toward. Why is it important that I give? In early August, my grandfather passed away, and while it was expected, you can never fully prepare yourself for the passing of a loved one. And for ten days after he died, someone from church showed up at my doorstep every afternoon, wearing a mask, to drop off meals. It reminded me of the Young Adult Retreat a few years ago when, in a breakout group, Kelsey
Kahne said, “Church is important to me because they’re the people you can count on to bring you food when you’re sick.” That stuck with me, and in this time of grieving I knew her words to be true. THAT is the church in action. So is coordinating support for protesters being released from jail (thank you anti-racism ministry group). As is putting on such stellar online church services (watching on Sunday is such an important part of my weekly routine). I know a lot of work goes into coordinating those things. As a deacon, I know coordinating care for the congregation, ESPECIALLY NOW, takes a lot of effort and I’m thankful to have software that allows us as deacons to effectively communicate with the rest of our churchfolk. All of those things cost money. And I, for one, am honored that my contributions make all of this possible.