Four-Week Journey Towards Holy Ground: September’s Faith Formation

September’s faith formation opportunities invite us to see how the Exodus journey (1) intersects with American history, (2) connects with artists. (3) deepens our father through Psalm 105, (4) causes further reflection upon Mary Alice’s sermons, and (5) draws us together in conversation. All those who sign up for this month will receive a weekly email with all five paths towards Holy Ground. Consider these “paths” to be opportunities before you – ready and available when you have a moment to be present on your faith journey.

Our journey is open for anyone—whether you attended Highland in the “before times” of this pandemic or you are new to our virtual space. If you missed out on the sign-up but you’re still interested, email Carol Harston.

This image comes from this week’s artist – Jacob Lawrence.
Lawrence’s “The Great Migration Series” includes this work
titled, “To make it difficult for the migrants to leave, they
were arrested en masse. They often missed their trains.”