A Word from Mary Alice

Dear Highland family, I am loving my times meeting the Highland family face to face, and I look forward to meeting many more of you in the days to come. Several of you have asked if I will be opening up more meeting times, and the answer is: absolutely! Each week, the link in the newsletter will include more times for the following weeks. I anticipate that I will continue to do this throughout the fall, until I am able to meet with everyone.

As a reminder, I am working to schedule times to meet in whatever ways you feel most comfortable: masked and socially distanced in Highland’s sanctuary, outside Highland in the playground, on your front/back porch, or even on Zoom or by telephone. There are a variety of days and times of the week available to accommodate different schedules.

To schedule a time to meet with me, click here. For those without internet access, please contact the church office if you would like to schedule an appointment. Please note that I will need to meet at Highland (inside or outside) on weekdays during office hours. On weeknights or weekends, I’m happy to meet offsite and come to your front porch/back porch, have you over to mine, or meet at another outside space.

Know how much I value this time with you, friends! I hope to learn your stories, discover what you value most deeply about Highland, listen to your concerns or questions about the future, and hear your hopes and dreams for our faith community as we journey together in the days ahead.