A Word from Mary Alice

Dear Highland Family,

What a wonderful first weekend it was to worship with you! The past few months have been a whirlwind for me, but on my first weekend as pastor at Highland, time stood still. I was able to soak in the beauty of this space, this beloved community, this significant moment—and God’s unexpected goodness in it all. As I reflected on this time, I realized that I needed this tangible marker of this new season in ways I didn’t even realize. During a time when we have lost so many rituals and celebrations that we would normally use to honor various life moments, this time with you was truly sacred space.

I am so looking forward to finally meeting many of you in the days to come. Starting this Sunday, August 23, I will begin to meet with Highland’s family. If you were unable to sign up, please know that I will continue to open up new spaces every week until I can meet with everyone. Stay tuned to the weekly newsletter for opportunities to sign up!

Know how much I look forward to my time with you, friends! I hope to learn your stories, to discover what you value most deeply about Highland, to listen to your concerns or questions about the future, and to hear your hopes and dreams for our faith community as we journey together in the days ahead.

With gratitude and great hope, ~ Mary Alice