August is Global Missions Month

The Global Partnerships Mission Team welcomes you to our special emphasis on global mission work for the month of August. We partner with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) to highlight the work of field personnel around the globe, collect a special offering which supports them directly, and to celebrate our own international work here at Highland, particularly in Morocco.

If you would like to learn more about how the CBF engages international aide and mission work, click here.

This year, on account of COVID-19, many churches around the country will be giving less to this important fund. So, we at Highland invite you to give as generously as possible. We will keep you updated here in the newsletter about our financial progress on this important and special effort. We have raised over $10,000 the last few years. Would it not be wonderful if we could achieve a number close to this again, even in the midst of a pandemic?

During Sunday worship, you can expect a weekly mission moment, led by members of the Global Partnerships Team, who will showcase the work of someone receiving funds from the Offering for Global Mission.

To donate to the Global Mission Offering, click here. (Please be sure to select “CBF Offering for Global Missions.”)