My Turn by Becky Smith

I was raised in the Baptist church and spent the first half of my young adult life in the Presbyterian church. In 1987, after my mother’s death, I became very disillusioned and walked away from the church. I decided that I could remain spiritual but no longer a part of organized religion. And that’s the way I continued to live my life for the next 25 years. But in 2013, my closest friend, Linda Barber, started to attend Highland Baptist Church’s Friday Church with her new husband and she begged me to come with her. I finally agreed and attended my first Friday Church. I returned week after week and began to “feel” my faith being restored.

One evening, Bojangles Blanchard was preaching. I don’t remember the primary focus of the sermon, but he spoke of the fish who “escaped” the sea only to find himself “floundering on the beach”. And just before the fish was to draw his last breath, he was able to return to the water. He was able to return to his old life refreshed and renewed. Obviously that image of the floundering fish has remained with me ever since. And it gave me the reassurance that I needed—to know that I had found the right place to “be a doer of the word and not a hearer only”.