Ways to Stay Connected for Children and Their Families

This Friday, School’s Out [Virtual] Celebration

This Friday, May 29, at 3:00 pm, we will gather via Zoom to celebrate the major accomplishment of our elementary children as they transitioned into a completely new method of learning and our parents as they transitioned into the role of weekday teacher these past weeks. Bring a Popsicle or ice cream, find a comfy spot as a family, and I’ll have a couple of celebration surprises for us that afternoon.



A Digital Sabbath Week, Transitioning from School Year to Summer

After so many weeks of connecting digitally, I invite you to join me in practicing a week of digital Sabbath (as much as is possible) as we transition from the end of the school year into summer. In order to support this, we will pause our preschool, elementary and parent zoom calls and the posting of digital content May 30-June 8. Take deep breathes during this week and carve out space for your spirit to be renewed, even in 5 minute increments if needed! I’ll share some specifics about our virtual camp experiences as well as a summer rhythm to lean into as we “return” from this  digital Sabbath week.



Connect with Us!

There are multiple ways to stay digitally connected with Highland’s children and family ministry. If you haven’t yet found these sources of communication that share what is happening in the midst of this season at home, please check them out!

  • Weekly Email – Our Children and Family Ministry Newsletter is sent via email at the end of each week (check your junk mail if you haven’t seen it recently!) and includes all the information you need for the upcoming week.
  • Private Facebook Group – Our Children and Family Ministry of Highland group has real-time reminders of our events, encouraging words, videos, photos and more from our ministry with children and families.
  • Private Instagram Account – Our @highlandchildrenandfamilies Instagram account has similar real-time reminders of our events, encouraging words, videos, photos and more from our ministry with children and families.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Renee!



Summer Camp Updates

With Passportkids! canceling in-person camps this summer and Camp Kavanaugh closing their campus to all partnering groups as well, we are working diligently to design new camp opportunities for your children this summer. Given that we are hearing from many of you that your children are weary of technology and also know that many of you are also juggling work with caring for your children, our hope is to provide low-tech options that you can engage in when it is most convenient for your family. Camp will likely still be confined to a particular week of the summer near the original date, yet with far less time intensity than is typical for a children’s camp due to all of the competing demands on parents’ time in this season. Stay tuned for more details!



This Week’s Happenings

Friday, May 29, 3:00 p.m.: School’s Out Celebration (Zoom)

Sunday, May 31, 9:00 a.m.: Family Bible Study (look for details via email later this week)


On Tuesday morning, some of Highland’s preschool children and parents gathered for a morning activity thinking about our feelings, remembering that all of our feelings are ok, and making silly faces!