My Turn by Sally Evans

Freedom To Be Known

“The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep hear his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.” John 10:3

A few weeks ago, I sat on my back porch in pajamas listening to Pastor Carol give a sermon—you know, as one does nowadays. As she gave us permission to pause from all the chaos of this time and lean on the assurance of being known and loved by a Good Shepherd, it seemed I was able to hear this familiar passage in a new way. I had spent much of my life trying to avoid being fully known, presenting carefully curated sides to different people. As I heard her speak of this unbreakable thread that connects us to God, I found there were tears streaming down my face. It was like a familiar truth that I knew cognitively began to dissolve so my heart could actually absorb it. This was some solid gold assurance that God isn’t just obligated to care for me as ‘one of the flock’, but that this God knows me by name.

Once in a while there is a deep truth that I connect with in such a way that it feels like the only reasonable response is to express it in song form! That day on the back porch, I heard this Christ-voice reminding me that I am unconditionally loved, and I wrote this song because my soul needs to hear that again and again. I offer this song to you now as an anthem for anyone who has been wounded, shamed, and brokenhearted–or maybe just doesn’t feel like anyone really knows them.

When I sing this, I see the face of a friend who can’t seem to leave an abusive relationship. I see the young man who can’t invite his boyfriend home for the holidays. I see the soul caught in the cycle of addiction. I see the one who is welcomed into church but not able to be involved at all because of her “lifestyle”. I see the single parent who is exhausted but can never do enough. There are so many voices that keep us from hearing this message.

Whether this day finds you humming along in your routine or just getting by, as you listen to this song I pray you hear the Good Shepherd calling your name. I pray this truth melts into those parts of you that need to hear you are valued not for what you’ve done or what you will do, but just for who you are in this moment.

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Unbreakable Thread

Unbind your heart, let your striving cease,
You don’t need an offering to know this Peace.

You may feel lost, but I know the way,
You may feel left out, but I have the last say…

Yes, you are loved.
Yes, you are loved.
Yes, you are loved.
And I know you by name.

Loosen your grip, and let yourself breathe,
An unbreakable thread connects you to Me.

You have been wounded, but not disqualified,
And those cracks you bear can let the light inside…

You didn’t earn it and you cannot lose it,
It can’t be uprooted, or stolen from you.