Mission Opportunities During the Pandemic

As these days of social distancing amidst the pandemic persist, we seek ways to be present and accountable to the organizations that we serve beyond the walls of Highland Baptist. The Mission and Justice Ministry Group, along with several mission team members met via zoom for a discussion about what this might look like in these present days.

Since our relationships with so many external organizations often depend on person-to-person contact, volunteer hours, donations, and the like—which are on hold right now—we have decided that to share our financial resources is taking our responsibility to be “Doers of the word” seriously.

These organizations are those we commit to supporting financially as a congregation. On account of your generosity, you will see the amounts that we have been able to gift below. Further, if you would like to give on your own, the websites are listed. The ministry group invites you to consider sharing part of your stimulus from the government if you are in a position to do so.

Let us celebrate the work of these agencies! Highland, may your generosity and commitment to justice abound. Warmly,  ~ Lauren Jones Mayfield


La Casita Community Center

With support from the immigration team, we will gift them $2,500. http://www.lacasitacenter.org/. This is on account of our commitment to maintaining Michael’s Soup Ministry when we are able, our relationship with the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Justice (ICIJ), and those working with migrants and refugees in our city.


Louisville’s Mutual Aid Fund

With support from the anti-racism team, we will gift them $2,500. https://www.gofundme.com/f/louisville-mutual-aid-a-new-world-is-possible. This fund is sponsored by Black Lives Matter, Women of the Well, Justice Before Peace, and others to support the needs and leadership of the black community here in Louisville.


Dare to Care

With support from the food justice team, we will gift them $2,500. https://daretocare.org/. Highlands Community Ministries is a partner ministry of Dare to Care, as are many others across town. Further, there is a newer venture in town, “New Roots” https://newroots.org/ that is seeking to partner those with food insecurity with local farm shares. Check out their good work. Highland’s Food Justice Ministry Team also supports them.


CEI of Morocco

CEI of Morocco is sponsored by Highland’s Global Partnerships Ministry Team. We will gift them $6,000. Because the churches in Morocco are under extreme duress during the complete lockdown, with students, migrants, and now even normally working folk (who have joined the ranks of the unemployed) at risk of not having enough to eat, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of KY has initiated a Corona Relief Morocco fund to assist folks who are in the most desperate need. If you would like to contribute to corona-relief measures, visit https://www.classy.org/campaign/karen-n-africa/c181297. Select the drop-down option on the payment screen to indicate that you want your donation to support “COVID Relief North Africa – 86771.” Every penny will go directly to providing humanitarian assistance to those who need it most.


Further, and of course(!) we will continue to support annually the plethora of agencies, missionaries, non-profits, and others with whom we have relationship.