A Reflection by Fred Bogert

It feels to me like we could be entering the springtime of our Interim days. Something that I’ll always remember about this time is that a Christ-like sense of innocence never faded from our journey together. Hope it never does.

Here’s a set of lyrics based, I believe, on a true story. Keep Playing:

The curtain rose on the concert stage and revealed the Steinway grand
Soon to be awakened by the finest pianist in the land
And among the suave sophisticates in the audience there cried
The young mother who reclaimed her seat to discover that her child
Was no longer by her side

She was not alone to gasp when the footlights showed the boy
Seated at the Steinway making it his latest toy
As he played it in his innocence the notes rang true and far
Everyone could recognize
“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

Then the master of the piano made his entrance on the stage
Moving quickly to the instrument with a speed that defied his age
He whispered in a quiet voice just the boy could hear him saying
“I am here for you, my child.
Don’t quit now, keep playing.”
Then Paderewski reached down and added bass with his left hand
and reached over with his right to add obbligato to the band
And the master and the novice played their love out in every bar
And no one who was there that night
got over “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

Now don’t you think that you and I who stumble through our days
Could listen for the master when we sit alone to play
And feel the loving arms around us helping us to be
a part of God’s own loving lifting brilliant symphony
Now let us carry from this place the answer to our praying
“I am here for you, my child.
Don’t quit now, keep playing.”