For the Living of These Days—A Word from Jim England

About this time every February, I start looking forward to the first day of March. That’s the day when the last rays of sunlight slant through a north facing bedroom window just before sunset. For me, it is a harbinger of spring; a reminder that a winter season gives way to the light and new growth of spring. Those few rays delight me with hope for warmer weather.

At Highland, so many things I see invoke hope within me. The pastor search process moves toward conclusion and call. I feel such gratitude for this committee, the long hours and hard work. They teach me what love for Highland looks like.

I see the faithfulness of members in this long interim. Ours has been an active waiting with continued outreach to theologically traumatized, voices raised for justice and education that deepens our understandings. I am enriched every time I hear the Cloud of Witnesses on Wednesday evenings. I love learning more on Wednesday evenings about black history and that makes me aware of your openness and concern for all. Even seasons of terrible grief seemed to be shared grief. You remind me that we are not alone. You give me hope.

Our church staff fills me with optimism for our future. Week after week, I see their intelligence, love, commitment and hard work. I love each one of them. They brighten my vision of Highland’s future.

All this and more are like sunlight slanting through a window, a harbinger of spring at Highland.