An Interim Word from Fred Bogert

It has been my privilege (and challenge) to serve two churches who are both between pastors. They have both felt to me like sailing vessels at sea, kept on course by crews waiting for skippers. Neither has been adrift, thank God, kept steady by determined souls hard pressed and harried by the sudden onset of dangerous circumstances. To meet the test of their skills and devotion, both Ridgewood and Highland turned within and took inventory or their strengths and got to work getting things ship-shape for a new hand at the helm. Then, just like the best sailors, they looked to the heavens, finding their direction through the night by true celestial navigation—God’s wisdom, assurance and strength. Can you tell I have a passion for sailing?

Sunday night, Ridgewood had an Installation Service for Rev. Molly Shoulta Tucker. Ridgewood finds in her the answer to our prayers for a gifted and inspiring leader who sees who we are, understands where we’ve been, and is ready to help us find God’s intent for our future. Thank God that, like Highland, the loving folks at Ridgewood kept Jesus in their sights, God in their prayers, and love in their hearts along the way. What a crew! And now it’s Highland’s turn…steady as she goes, mates! Love to all.