Highland Reads: Freedom in Compassion

We can’t always gather in the same room to explore ideas, but we can grow by exploring books in common this year. During each season of our Year of Freedom, we are recommending books for adults and children that can help spark conversation and ignite curiosity.



For this season (Freedom in Compassion), adults are invited to read Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Stride Towards Freedom: The Montgomery Story. Travel back to 1958 to hear King’s account of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the principles of nonviolence that led the movement. His words are poignant today as our country considers how to fight for freedom through love. We will have some copies available in the Commons. To purchase this book online, click here.



For our children this season, we invite families to read Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor, Too, written by Jennifer Grant and illustrated by Benjamin Schipper. Navigating a complicated world, it can be challenging to plant the seeds of compassion within our children as they grow. As parents and grand-parents and the village around our children, we have opportunity to invite children to observe the world around them and wonder how they might engage that world. This story invites children into that wonder, and reminds us all that every day, intentional actions are the foundation upon which compassion is built.