December 8: Crosses on the Lawn Remind Us of World God So Loves

One expression of Highland’s commitment to God’s justice in the world happens on Peace Sunday, the second Sunday of Advent, where we mark the pain and hope of God by placing white crosses on Highland’s front lawn in memory of Louisville residents killed in an act  of violence. The crosses will create a tragic memorial on our lawn during this holiday season. The crosses simultaneously signify our hope that God calls the church to work actively against violence in its many forms.

The courageous first step towards peace is the most difficult one—we must take an honest look at the reality in which we live. We cannot worship the birth of Jesus without seeing the world into which God insists upon coming. Amidst the tinsel and the trimming of trees, the crosses on the lawn serve as our great reminder of the world God so loves.

Join us as we face, again, the world as it is so that we can continue working together to create the world as God dreams it to be. Friday worship will offer a variation of the ritual, and each Sunday service on December 8 will include reciting the names of the victims and placing the crosses in the ground at the conclusion of each service.

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