Why I Give by Cheryl Priddy

Good morning, everyone!

My name is Cheryl Priddy. I’ve attended Highland for about 6 years and been a member several years less than that. I started attending the 8:30 service as I searched for a new church home. My former church home, the church I grew up in, no longer fed me spiritually. I yearned for a church that was thoughtful in its message and image, a church whose language was love, a church unafraid to take the bold steps needed for positive change; a church that looked outward, instead of inward. I found that here at Highland.

Like many people my age, financial support was taught by parents giving coins to their children to put in the offering plate each Sunday. When I was on my own, with debt and a young child, I supported the church through my time and talents, until someone encouraged me to contribute money. A dear friend, someone I looked up to, told me the church needed financial support and that every gift, no matter the size, helps and is appreciated. I took those words to heart, recognizing the church had bills to pay, too, and began to give a small amount each week. As my financial situation improved, I was able to give more. Each year, I check my finances to see if I can increase my giving. Whether I can or can’t at the time, I still make a pledge to support the church financially at a level that I can manage.

So, why do I give? I do so because I believe it’s possible to make this phrase of the Lord’s Prayer a reality…thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. My faith leads me to dream of a world where love prevails, as it does in heaven. I believe that the dream can come true through the work of love we witness each time we are present at and participate in worship, Bible study, and the many ministry groups and mission opportunities available here at and through Highland Baptist Church.

Financial support is required to offer these channels through which one learns about God and Jesus, develops a strong faith and sees how love can indeed prevail over hate. Through Highland’s ministries and missions the possibility exists for all, within and well beyond this corner of Louisville, to have the Freedom to Dream, To Be Present and just To Be and to have the opportunity to experience Freedom in Generosity, Vulnerability and in Compassion.

Please consider financially supporting Highland, if you aren’t currently doing so; every gift, no matter the size, helps and is appreciated. If you already support Highland financially, see if you have room to give more! Give so that we can continue to be doers of the word and not hearers only!