Why I Give by Richard Ryan

Good morning. My name is Richard Ryan. My wife, Cathy, and I have been attending Highland Baptist for about 2 ½ years now. We braved crossing the river from our home in Sellersburg, Indiana, to visit our dear friends of 30 years, Jim and Mary Helen England. Jim and I had worked together in the past. Life happened and we lost touch. Mary Helen and I had reconnected through Facebook and she said, “Come see us”. And so, we did. We had our plan: attend worship and then off to the flea market at the fairgrounds. But after the service, Jim invited us to stay for his Bible study, the Messenger Class. What a great group of people we met there. The very next week, Cathy dropped me a hint, “You know I really loved Jim’s class last week,” and so back we came, and we’ve been here ever since.

What we found in Highland Baptist that had been missing in our lives was a stillness in worship. There were no bands, no movie screens, no fog machines (yes, there are churches actually using those!) and a beauty in this place, both in the physical in the sanctuary and also in the spirit of the people who worship here. A welcoming spirit for all people, not just some.

Cathy and I give regularly to Highland to support ALL of its ministries and basic daily needs, but we especially love supporting the music program of Highland.

Cathy and I are both musicians, so the music of Highland especially touched us. We know that what we all experience in worship weekly takes time, energy and financial support. There’s music to buy, the organ and pianos to maintain and tune. There’s the Adult Choir, Children’s Choir, Brass, Bells, Orchestra and more. When I started in church music, a single copy of a choir anthem cost about $.20 a copy. Now, they are $2.50 to $3.00 a copy and we need at least 60 copies of each piece of music, so it adds up. Gone are the days of church choirs Xeroxing their music, unless, of course, you want to visit our amazing Kathy Collier in prison!

But seriously, each week’s musical offering to God takes time, talent and yes, our financial support.

So, I encourage you today to consider your giving to God at Highland. Give generously with an open hand, a joyful spirit and with a song in your heart.