Our Faithful Gifts for 2020’s Freedom at Highland

“I have found that among its other benefits,
giving liberates the soul of the giver.” ~ Maya Angelou

As members of Highland Baptist Church, we are called by God into a free life, and with that, we are encouraged to use our freedom to serve one another, We are encouraged to grow freedom in our communities.

What does “Freedom” look like?

Dreaming – imagining a future of justice and love where we are not hindered by cynicism or despair.

Presence – abiding in the present moment without the obstacle of guilt for the past or fear of the future.

Compassion – showing empathy for those who suffer without being hindered by hatred or indifference.

Vulnerability – bearing witness to the fragility of humanity without the hindrances of self-protection and vain assurances.

Being – being who God is shaping us to be without the obstacles of denial or conformity.

Highland Baptist Church grows freedom in these ways, as well as through Generosity. Through our pledged giving, we claim the power and right God has given all people to give more than is necessary or expected without being hindered by greed or the need for acclaim.

These pledged gifts help us grow freedom in our church community, our Louisville community, and our global community.

If you did not receive your commitment card in the mail, you can make your commitment here. Commitment cards are also available at the end of each pew and around the building. If you fill out a commitment card, we ask that you mail it to our Financial Secretary, Deb Ackerson, in the church office.

Click here to view the commitment brochure.

~ Faithful Giving Ministry Group