Why I Give by Katie Williams

I have been a member of Highland for about 15 years. In preparation for today, I decided to look at my bank statements for the past three months. I clustered the expenses into three categories. The first was monthly bills, car payments, electric bills, phones, etc. The second was other essentials like grocery bills, gas for my car, things you have to spend money on to get by. The first two categories are what I expected. When it came to the third group, I had to do a hard self-assessment. I was quite surprised how much money I give every month to a quiet, small little company named McDonald’s.

Every Monday, more commonly called McDonald’s Monday by my children, we have breakfast there. They look forward to it and start talking about it every Sunday night. It’s not the great biscuits and gravy they serve, it’s the family time, the tradition they love and have come to look forward to. That McDonald’s Monday is an experience that I continue not because it’s an investment in the company, it’s an investment in something I believe in greatly-family traditions.

When we invest money, it doesn’t matter how big or small, we do so because of what we get back. The definition of investing is spending money with the expectation of getting something in return. Financial advisors tell us to invest in certain stocks, the expectation being you will gain the desired outcome.

The same idea works at church. When you invest in Highland, you are investing in an outcome you desire. The money given to our church is not just a donation, but an investment. Together, we are investing in our children, in our children’s programming. We are investing in the curriculum and the experiences for the children and the youth. Our desired outcome being; mindful, loving Christians that will one day be the citizens that run our community. Together, we invest in missions by supporting the people of our church who are out there walking the walk. Our desired outcome being through the missions at Highland, we are making a small corner of the world a better place.

I invite you to join me this month in making your annual pledge, your commitment, and ultimately your investment in our church. I believe in Highland and know it’s worth investing in. We have so much more work to do that needs our support. And you’re welcome to join us tomorrow morning for McDonald’s Monday.