Why I Give by Gene Streible

l have been a member of Highland for over ten years, I am just rotating off from being a deacon for the past three years. I am on the worship and greeter ministry groups. I am in the Nomads Bible study class and I attend the 8:30 service.

When Steven Carr asked me to do this, I told him I would but it was very simple and short.

We didn’t attend church when I was a child (mostly just Easter Sunday!) but when we did, my mother always gave me a dollar to put in the collection plate. I remember being very happy to do that on one hand, and sad on the other. In my young child mind, I was thinking if everything belonged to God why did he need my dollar? I could go out and get a matchbox car with that buck! But thankfully, giving did stay with me into my teen years when I started going to church on my own, and into adulthood! Remembering always that you give back to God!

Why do I give to this Church? Well, their are the obvious reasons—to keep the lights on, the staff paid, parking lot paved, the grass cut. But also because I love this church and for the love and welcome it’s given to me. I feel I can give back so other groups like the many justice ministry groups that reach out to help others (one being the True Colors ministry). Also sending the Youth to work in Miami with Love and the children to Vacation Bible School camp. There are so many more reasons. But it all takes money. Sometimes, I can’t give as much as I want to…but I try to give what I can! I think that’s all God expects from us! So, as I said, it’s short and simple but I thank you for letting me share it with you.