Why I Give by Esther Volmer

I have been a member of Highland for five years now. When I first visited, I was not looking for a church and was at a point in my life where I had little to no interest in attending church or being a part of a faith community of any kind. I reluctantly returned, and I kept returning and kept returning.

What I found here was a vibrant community of people passionate about each other, the city of Louisville and the world. It wasn’t the beautiful music, a gorgeous sanctuary, or the service on Sunday that drew me back each week, it was you, the people. I had never been in a place so filled with hospitality, compassion, generosity, caring, and love. Some of my most god filled moments have been found around a camp fire on a young adult fall retreat, wrapping gifts at the Christmas store, engaged in life giving conversations, deepening relationships and forging new ones with friends and strangers alike.

I give to Highland so that we as a church may continue to foster community building and relationships with each other, our city and the world. From Supper Clubs, to retreats, and Bible studies, the Christmas Store, our partnerships with Kentucky Refugee Ministries, La Casita and others working to support refugees and immigration reform, to our support of ministry partners abroad, our financial gifts ensure this important work can continue to grow and flourish.

I invite you to join me in this season of faithful giving by sharing your financial resources as we work to deepen our relationships with each other, engage in and support our local community and people across the globe. This good and important work would not be possible without your support and your generous gifts.