Why I Give by Erin Phelps

I’m usually in the 11:00 service, so for those of you I’ve not met, here’s a little bit of info about me: my husband, Charlie, and I started attending Highland about a year and a half ago. I am also currently serving on our Young Adult Ministry Group and I recently became the chair of our Mission and Justice Ministry Group. 

Throughout this month, you’ll hear stories about why people give to Highland. My husband and I give a designated amount every week, and we decided to make this financial commitment because of the wonderful things this church brought us after several years in the spiritual wilderness after a departure from Catholicism.

I’ll be honest…I’m not able to give the traditional 10% of my income that many grew up with as a standard. But my husband and I give regularly because we consider it an investment in this space, in the social justice work of the church, and in safe community Highland is able to bring others. We believe in this church and what we can accomplish in this city and the greater global community.

Since taking on my committee roles in the church, I’ve also seen precisely what these funds can do. Tithes and financial gifts can buy appetizers at Theology on Tap for young adults like me who were burned by bad theologies in the past and want a safe place to explore faith again. Money given to the church becomes part of our mission budget, which touches lives in Morocco and hearts at Immigration events in our own backyard. Our dollars provide the resource to keep up day to day systems here at the corner of Cherokee and Grinstead.

If you already give faithfully, let me say THANK YOU. Your gifts have already made such a difference in countless ways, and I call on you to prayerfully consider whether there is more you’d like to contribute for the programs that make your soul happy here. If you’re not regularly giving, please think about what Highland does that you’re most grateful for, and consider giving back when and if you are able.

Thank you for letting me share with you today.