For the Living of These Days—A Word from Carol Harston

One of my favorite songs is James Taylor’s “Secret of Life,” where he sings, “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.” Every time I hear it, I nod in agreement, for learning contentment with the ebb and flow of the days continues to be an invitation that sets me free. All of us experience time in different ways. Some seasons feel long, while others fly by. Even while we live into the “fall,” summer weather persists. We can need prompting to remember the passage of time when we feel stagnant or complacent.

In the church office, we are beginning to feel the change in seasons. The Pastor Search Committee is hard at work with interviews. Our staff has begun to explore ways we can prepare ourselves, the office, and the congregation for a new pastor that will lead us.

The dictionary defines an “interim” period as the “intervening time.” That is to say, the interim time marks the time between what was and what will be. In the sixteen months since Nina’s retirement, we have created routines and rhythms that have carried us through. Even while we have settled into this interim, we know that this is a temporary time.

We invite you to join this wondering as we enter further into the fall. In what ways have you settled into our interim time? How might you anticipate the change to come? How might you prepare to welcome a new pastor in our midst?

It is still months before the Pastor Search Committee brings a candidate to the church, but we’ve got some mental, emotional, and spiritual anticipatory work to do. Our staff invites you to be in prayer for our Pastor Search Committee as they give countless hours to prayerfully consider candidates. We invite you to pray for all the candidates, seeking God’s wisdom, courage, and contentment as they consider a significant life change. We invite you to pray for our staff as we open our hearts, minds, and congregational vision to new leadership. We invite you to pray for our congregation that we all might be patient and expectant of how God might be leading us in the future.

With all of these invitations to prayer, it is clear that we have work still left before us during this “intervening time.” While the voices of fear can cause us to shudder at times of uncertainty, God calls us to be people of great assurance. Liminal spaces are where we can thrive as we open our hands out to receive whatever the new day holds. May our trust in one another be a witness to God’s wisdom and courage granted for the living of these interim days.