For the Living of These Days—A Word from Carol Harston

One of the great joys of working at Highland is the possibility that Lauren Blackwell might walk into the office on a weekday to share a single sheet of paper with a poem written by her mother, Muriel Fontenot Blackwell. Written at the top of the poem is “Devotion” in cursive, underlined, with some notes about a Tuesday morning meeting. Indeed, her devotion words have stuck with me and helped me in the directing of my own daily devotion ever since Lauren shared them. So this Tuesday morning, I share them with you—a gift of encouragement and calling given by the saints surrounding us. Who knows what we can do once we’re ready to get started.

“I know I can trust the promise.
Miracles are real.
Right will win out over wrong.
Peace will ultimately triumph over war.
Love will displace hate.
Plenty will move into pockets of poverty,
And hungry children with bellies distended
from malnutrition will be nourished again
and sleep peacefully in a mother’s arms.

‘But why not a miracle now, God?’ I ask in
frustration edged with a little bit of anger.
‘Why not move in now with lights and sounds,
and electrical swiftness and show them who’s boss?’

Yet—when I speak of the now and miracles,
God answers in a strange, quiet way.
‘When you’re ready, we’ll get started.’” – MFB