Summer Sunday Schedule Begins June 2

Over the summer, life at Highland Baptist ebbs and flows as children and youth leave and return from camp, families travel, and we take a break from our Wednesday night dinner and programming. While we are not a school system, much of our church life follows after the school calendar. Summer is a time to breathe and recollect from a long and busy year filled with ministry and programming. Life together never ceases, but our patterns change temporarily.

This summer, we are trying something for the first time—we are going to have a Summer Sunday Schedule where we will have two morning worship services (9:30 and 11:00) and two Bible study hours (9:30 and 11:00). Those who are affected most by this temporary change are those who regularly attend our 8:30 worship service. We recognize that this will be an inconvenience for those 8:30 worshippers, but we appreciate your patience as we take this time to summer pause to renew our energy before beginning another school year.

A Summer Sunday Schedule is something that Highland’s leaders have considered for many years. We feel that this year is the right time to try this summer change as our leadership has been stretched to capacity during this interim year. Ministry Council encouraged Highland’s ministry staff to consider some tangible ways that Sunday morning leaders and volunteers might find some rest and refreshment during this interim time. Highland’s ministry staff presented this possibility to Ministry Council in early May and they agreed and approved the proposal.

Take heart! This is a temporary change for twelve summer Sundays. We will return to our regular Sunday schedule on Sunday, August 25, for Promotion Sunday. We will begin this new schedule on June 2 as we kick off our Global Missions Month. We look forward to a summer of abundance as we continue to worship, study, live, and rest as God’s people on the corner of Grinstead and Cherokee.