Highland Celebrates Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Sunday, May 19

For one hundred years, Highland Baptist lived in faithful partnership with its local seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in ways that formed our congregation and supported the education of generations of students, professors, and administrators. The partnership with this seminary body just a mile down the road ended in 1993 and has spent the past twenty-five years redefining its independence from the institution it formerly loved and supported. As we celebrated our 125th anniversary this past year, Carol Harston reached out to the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky to consider a closer relationship with the seminary in order to renew this meaningful aspect of Highland’s identity that has been slumbering since the split from SBTS. Dr. Dalen Jackson, Dr. Laura Levens, and Dr. Mark Medley visited with us on Wednesday nights in February to nurture and celebrate our mutual love for the Cloud of Witnesses in our Fellowship Hall windows.

This Sunday, we have another opportunity to get to know BSK by having its president, Dr. David Cassady, in our pulpit as our proclaimer in all three morning worship services. A graduate of Ouachita Baptist University, Baylor University, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Cassady has spent his career supporting Christian Education within the church through publishing, teaching, and serving the local church. We look forward to hearing from Dr. Cassady on Sunday, May 19, as we seek the courage to flourish in this time and place!