For the Living of These Days—A Word from Carol Harston

I entered into Wednesday dinner last week as if I was walking on a cloud. I had submitted the final draft for my thesis just hours before, and I felt giddy with relief. I’ve already heard back from my advisor so I will be making a few edits this week and submitting the final edition very soon, with anticipation of graduating in May. I am exceedingly grateful for your patience and encouragement over these past weeks. I look forward to sharing all about my research and findings at some time later this spring.

As I have entered back into life this week, I have awoken to find that Lent is just one day away, the Women’s Retreat is Friday, Chris Gambill is back this weekend for an important Congregational Conversation on Sunday, and Highlights begins the following Sunday! What a busy time for the people of faith!

We are a people of faith, which means that we begin the journey with no ability to know what comes around the next curve. We walk the journey by faith, dependent upon God’s gift of air in our lungs and spring in our step, Christ’s leading, and the Spirit who both comforts and compels us.

Courage is possible for these days, but only when we realize that we do not go it alone. In the Foree House, while the second floor was still under construction in 2014, the youth group developed a saying for Youth-Led Worship, “No matter the road, we walk it together.” The phrase echoed on Sunday as Nicole preached about the courage of showing up, Jack preached about maturity and the need to grow, and Yuley preached about change and its difficult but transformative powers.

Indeed, Highland’s youth are an important part of the cloud of witnesses that surrounds us as we run this race. Join us tomorrow night in the sanctuary as we begin to walk through Lent side-by-side. Be with us on Sunday as we discern what God is leading Highland Baptist to be in the coming years. In so doing, we will find the Author and Perfector of our faith leading the way. May we discover that the journey ahead is worth the risk.