For the Living of These Days—A Word from Kathy Collier

The room was filled with comfortable chairs and short footstools covered in what appeared to be old chenille rugs. There were quilts for laps and soft light from open windows and a few lamps. Members of Highland’s Prodigals Bible Study Class had just enjoyed warm soup and hot buttered bread for dinner after driving from Louisville to Loretto for a weekend retreat. We could smell Mary’s apple dump cake baking in the oven as a promise of dessert after our first session of the weekend. David began by reading John O’Donohue’s On Waking:

I give thanks for arriving
Safely in a new dawn,
For the gift of eyes
To see the world,
The gift of mind
To feel at home
In my life.
The waves of possibility
Breaking on the shore of dawn,
The harvest of the past
That awaits my hunger,
And all the furtherings
This new day will bring.

Phil is a member of the Prodigals class and I was an invited guest for the retreat. I know and love so many members of this Bible study class that meets during the 11:00 hour on Sunday mornings because the class is filled with choir members. I jumped at the chance to get away and spend time with these dear folks plus I enjoyed opportunity to talk in length with others who don’t cross my path on a regular basis. Even though we were only away for 24 hours, driving the short distance to the Sisters of Loretto in Nerinex, Kentucky, took my mind away from work and a never-ending to-do list and opened my heart for time to ponder the past few months and look toward the future. My work with Highland’s Music Ministry keeps me too busy on Sundays to see what is happening with all the Bible study classes and I miss those connections. Seeing the love and closeness of the members from just one of Highland’s 15 adult Bible study classes was so wonderful—they share their concerns, fears, hopes, and dreams each week and hold each other in prayer until they meet again. It is a beautiful image of a healthy faith community who live out their courage to be Christ followers in today’s world. Thank you, Prodigals, for inviting me to your retreat and many thanks to Vicki Runnion and David Tribble for their excellent planning and leadership. As we come to the end of our month of the Courage to Imagine, may we see the waves of possibility for our family of faith on the corner of Grinstead and Cherokee.