Memorial and Honorarium Fund at Highland

The Faithful Giving Ministry Group has been working toward a more formal process for provision of memorial gifts and has added the opportunity to provide gifts in honor of special life milestones with the Memorial and Honorarium Fund. Although this type of recognition has occurred in the past, we would like to expand the tradition allowing for celebration of lives both current and those that have passed.

Memorial Giving

When members die or pre-funeral arrangements are made, financial gifts can be designated to the Memorial and Honorarium Fund. Approximately three months following the funeral, a listing of donors will be published in the newsletter. If donors wish to remain anonymous, that request should be submitted to our Financial Secretary at the time the gift is given.

Honorarium Giving

Members experiencing life milestones such as a graduation, anniversary, birthday, retirement or significant gift of time to the life of our congregation can be recognized by family or friends through a gift to the Memorial and Honorarium Fund. A listing of these celebrations will occur in the newsletter as they are announced.

These gifts will be used for several purposes including funding capital expenses and increasing funds for the operating reserves. Questions can be directed to the Faithful Giving Ministry Group or to Deb Ackerson, Financial Secretary.