Church Celebrates 125 Years on Sunday, November 11

This year marks 125 years of Highland Baptist Church on the corner of Grinstead and Cherokee. We will celebrate this occasion with two identical services at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. In addition to worship, there will be several opportunities for you to join us in cherishing the church!

  • We will have a commemorative poster which everyone will be invited to sign on November 11. The poster will remain available through the end of November for people to sign as they are able.
  • Note-cards are available around the building now which invite you to consider: What do you cherish most about Highland? What memories do you hold dear from your time at Highland? Fill out the cards and bring them on November 11 to be displayed in the Commons. We will collect the cards through the month of November and store them in the church’s time capsule.
  • We will end the morning with cake and ice cream in Fellowship Hall!