Our Faithful Gifts for 2019’s Courageous Dreams

We challenge ourselves to give faithfully…
for today and tomorrow, for our present our future.

The cover of our commitment brochure reminds us that generosity is an intentional practice and challenges us to reflect, to pray, to examine how we might support God’s work through our congregation in the coming year. What courageous dreams will take root and come to be because we have supported them financially?

Discernment looks different for each person, for we each have our own sacred places and spaces where God draws near to us and we draw near to God. For some, it might be math and calculations and excel spreadsheets lifted before God in prayer with a cup of coffee and a candle flickering in the background. For some it might be a tug at the heart as you reflect on Highland’s meaning in your own life inviting you to a new practice this year. It might be the call to change our world stretching you to consider what more you can do.

Practically, this might be a reflection on what was given last year and trying to increase that gift by 5% or 10% (i.e. Last year I gave $600, so 5% more is $30 or 10% more is an additional $60 for 2019). For some it might be striving for the Biblical tithe of giving 10% of one’s income. For some it might mean going above and beyond giving 10% as a way to stretch one’s practice of generosity. For some it might be the Spirit calling you to practice consistency, giving something every week or every month, regardless of amount, as a spiritual practice.

Whatever this discernment process looks like for you, spend time this week with God. Ponder the practice of generosity. Have a conversation with your spouse or partner, with your kids, or with whomever you trust in spiritual matters. 

If you did not receive your commitment card in the mail, you can make your commitment here. Commitment cards are also be available at the end of each pew and around the building. If you fill out a commitment card, we ask that you mail it to our Financial Secretary, Deb Ackerson, in the church office.

Many thanks to Dean Sipe, Gabi Bleuel, and Mac Brown for their work in this season.  ~ Faithful Giving Ministry Group